Content Management

One of the keys to the success of any web site is to present fresh and consistently high quality content to customers. Therefore, effective content management can establish better customer retention and can lead to increased revenue.

Defining your requirements

Every website has different content management requirements; these can range from once a month, single page updates for small websites, to uploading hundreds of new articles every week. Whatever the case, an effective and efficient management system needs to be implemented to ensure that your online presence stays fresh and relevant.

An offer doesn't have to involve the exchange of money. You might offer a free gift in exchange for marketing data; perhaps the user can download a free software program in exchange for providing personal information or filling out a survey form. Or you might offer a free newsletter. In this case, the user might not have to give anything in return; it's enough for them to let you into their inbox every week or every month.

When we develop websites for our clients we are able to offer them a number of choices; we determine clients' needs by assessing their internal expertise, their daily content requirements and the technical expertise required in executing different tasks. With this in mind there are three types of content management solution we implement.

Option 1: We do it for you

Our proactive content management service means that we handle all the updates and changes to your site for you for a low fixed monthly fee. All you have to do is give us a call or email us with content that needs changing and we'll do the rest. No fuss or hassle, we just do it.

We don't stop there either. On a monthly or weekly basis we will pro-actively contact you, to request updates and suggest changes or improvements to your site so that your site evolves and stays fresh with the minimum of hassle to you.

Option 2: 24/7 content management

Our 24/7 package does just what it says on the box. It gives you the power to update your site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 24/7 is so easy to use that only a one hour training session is given, after which you can quickly update text and images and publish content to your website as easily as browsing to a web page or typing a letter.

Option 3: bespoke content management solution

Our bespoke systems are specifically designed to give you and your staff more control over your data. We can conduct a free review to access your content management requirements and then write a specification to develop a bespoke system for your company.

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