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As a business, whatever market you are operating in, the internet will have an unavoidable impact. Even if your strategy is to do nothing, it is worth deciding so. It is too late to ignore the Internet! What is an internet strategy?

An internet strategy is a plan for how your business will use the internet. Your internet strategy should be informed by your general business plan and be focused on 3 core areas for how the internet can help you:

Writing a plan that is driven by business objectives

We write and implement internet strategies for a variety of UK based companies in different industries and markets. We help develop and implement vision, devising a solid internet strategy based upon real business objectives.

We believe that your internet strategy should, first and foremost, support your business objectives. When we build your Internet strategy, we carefully research, plan and build in all the different elements needed to reach your goals. We create a system of initiatives that work together to generate results, and confirm those results through ongoing analysis measurement.

What does an internet strategy cover?

Areas that we would look at when writing an internet strategy would include the following:

Before you spend more money on a web site or an online marketing campaign, let us help you define your business objectives and success criteria so you can measure performance accurately.

Implementation of your internet strategy

We don't just write internet strategies, we implement them. True success on the internet doesn't come overnight; it takes time and a lot of effort. Because of this we work with you over a minimum of 12 months to implement your strategy and to provide services and support so that you reach and exceed your targets. At the end of the day our aim is the same as yours - to make your business more successful.

Seeing a return on your investment

We believe that when you invest in something, you need to be able to measure it to be able to gauge whether it is successful or not. Because of this, when we create and drive an internet strategy for you we put systems in place so that you can actually see the return you are getting on your investment. Whether it is in terms of increased sales, visitors, enquiries or the number of people that have responded to a campaign, we provide reports for you so you can see what you are getting for your money.

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