The most successful companies clearly communicate their competitive difference on a daily basis. To do this, organisations must have a clear sense of who they are, their mission, values and unique brand position. Brand Identity is committed to helping our clients realise success that far exceeds expectations. That is why we offer our clients strategic branding services.

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We bring more than two decades of experience. helping big and small clients articulate their unique brand position and then build a company culture around their position.

It is never too early or too late to define your brand position. The process begins with an assessment of how management, staff and the target audience(s) define the organisation. We then work with the management team to articulate the mission and core values that will guide the company. From there, we conduct a competitive analysis to ensure the ultimate brand position differentiates the client within the category, while being true to the essence of the company. The final step is to articulate the brand position and brand promise. These elements will provide a foundation for the majority of the marketing decisions like website development, collateral design and distribution methods, packaging and more. In addition the branding strategy will produce clear guidelines on how to describe or portray the organisation.

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