It is virtually impossible to say exactly what a website will cost without careful consideration of your needs as they will always vary. One site may take months of work, whereas another only days.

We want to work with you, so it would not be in our best interests to price ourselves out of the market. Instead, we would rather offer cheap web design prices to remain competitive.

If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we will work within that parameter. We will always be there to advise you, but at the end of the day it is your decision. Cheap web design prices start from as little as £399 for a one page site. But don't forget, cheap web design prices do not mean a reduction in quality!

Starter website - From £399

Most businesses do not question the need for a phone number to enable customers to contact them. We are already well within the days of not questioning the need for a website - it's as essential, if not more essential, than a phone number. Our starter website gives an internet presence for those businesses not wanting to miss out on the web revolution. It may be cheap, but it won't be cheap - even our starter website attracts our bespoke design services and expert development.

2 page website - From £649

The web is one of the cheapest methods of marketing services, and a good outward brand image can do wonders for the order book. Our 2 page web design will firmly establish your brand on the internet and provide your audience with the information they require to contact you.

3-4 page website - From £799

Incorporating all of our standard professional web design features, a 3 or 4 page website will not only look the part, but will enable you to advertise your products or services in more detail.

5-10 page website - From £999

You don't need to perform surveys to know that most people research products and services outside of usual business hours using the world wide web. Paper Hat's web design creating a 5 to 10 page website will ensure you don't get left in the competition's dust.


We'll build you an online shop with the features you need it to have probably cheaper than any other web agency. And we don't limited the amount of products you can add to your shop like some other web agencies. We never compromise on quality - our prices are low because with well over a decade's experience, we've become extremely efficient at what we do.

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